Galmudug elects new President


Members of Galmudug Parliament has today elected new President as Ahmed Abdi Kariye. Three other candidates run the election.

The commission of the electoral processes announced that Ahmed Abdi kariye gained 66 votes of 77 MPs voted. The election lasted about 30 minutes.

The elected President becomes the third President of Galmudug. Last week a group of people claimed they have elected Sheik Mohamed Shakir Ali Hassan, while Ahmed Du’ale Gele insisted that 15 months remained his term of presidency.

MPs of Galmudug Parliament are also voting for Vice President of the administration. Prominent opposition candidates refused to register and take part the today’s election citing improper management and lack of transparency.

Abdirahman Ahmed Samatar got 9 votes while Abdirahman Aden Sabriye and Ahmed Shire Falagle were forced to contend with one vote each.

Today’s election follows the election of outgoing chief minister Mohamed Shakir by the Alhu Sunna faction last Thursday as the state president. A faction of MPs allied to state president Ahmed Haaf elected a new speaker in Galkaayo on Friday and announced a new two-year term extension for the embattled Galmudug leader.

Abdirahman Odowaa, Abdullahi Wehliye, Kamal Gutaale, and Abdi Dheer withdrew from the elections accusing the Federal Government of hijacking the process.

The new Galmudug state parliament is made up of 89 MPs with 20 of them coming from the Alhu Sunna side following a deal with the Federal Government late last year. In today’s vote majority of the MPs took part in the election indicating even the Alhu Sunna side cast their vote in the election of Qoorqoor.

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