Government troops arrest a judge and fighters, retake significant village from Al-shabaab


Somali Special Forces, Danab have seized Toratorow, an Al-Shabaab stronghold town on Monday.

Backed by US troops the Somali forces attacked group’s positions in the agricultural in Lower Shabelle and recaptured without any resistance. The elite forces from Balidogle airbase have halso cleared new villages near to Tora-Torow.

The commander of the Danab forces, General, Ismail Abdimalik Malin said the troops arrested ten al-Shabaab fighters including the group judge at the local court.

Toratorow which has been controlled by the group has been very significant for the group in the past years.It hosts al-Shabaab main tax and revenue collections center in south-central Somalia.

The group repelled several attempts by government soldiers to liberate the area. Meanwhile, four people have been executed by Al-Shabaab in Sablale town, Lower Shabelle region on Sunday.

The men aged between 23- 40 were accused by the group court for working with the Federal Government as soldiers and as district officers respectively.

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