Somalia’s Upper House of Parliament to discuss electoral law


The Upper House of Somali Parliament is today gathering to discuss the controversial electoral law in which House of the People passed in December 27, 2019.

Speaker of the House Abdi Hashi Abdullahi appointed a committee before two weeks to analyze the articles of the law those are refuted by some of the federal member states.

The committee of seven senators will meet all parts those the law will affect to collect their ideas and bring to the senators the thoughts of the different parts.

Some of registered political parties and federal member states said that the article 53 of the electoral law is allowing extension and they called to change that article in order to avoid any extension made by government brunches.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo pledged that his time will not be extended and the election will be held on its time, 2021. The model of the election should be one person one vote, but political parties argued that general election is not impossible because of the security and lack of enough time to register voters.

It is expected that the Senate will discuss the law for weeks as same as the People’s House to finally pass professional electoral law.

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