Galmudug President accuses FG “threatening the peace among the local Communities” of the state


Ahmed Du’ale Gelle, President of Galmudug State has issued a very strictly written statement accusing leaders of the federal government seeking their interests in the regional election rather than holding fair and transparent election.

The state leader said in a statement that Senators and MPs from the region are also interfering the regional elections and their “aim is to impede the development of the State, to greatly undermine Somalia’s nascent Federalism, by fomenting discord and mistrust among the communities and the people of Galmudug State by hijacking the forthcoming elections and favour their candidates”.

President Haf highlighted that the leadership of the federal government deployed many troops in region without consulting the leaders of the state and called that action as “contradiction with the provisions of the Federal Constitution of Somalia”.

This statement comes amid the Galmudug region faces new political crises as the elections planned date ended and yet to complete many necessary steps, including issuing the list of MPs and registering candidates. The technical committee of Galmudug planned in December 19 last years that State President election should be held in January 09, 2020, today.

Last week, President Ahmed Gelle announced “that he has fully withdrawn his confidence in the ongoing Galmudug State building process that is being run by the Ministry of Interior of the Federal Government of Somalia”.

The President called in his latter to AMISOM, UN, IGAD, EU, Italy, UK and USA to provide the necessary technical and financial support to compete the election process. The electoral processes will be done by a committee previously appointed by the president, the latter read.

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