Al-shabab executed five men for foreign spy allegations


Al-shabab  executed five men on Wednesday at lower jubba region over foreign spy allegations.

The men whom the older one was 59 years and the youngest was 24 executed at Hagar Village in lower Juba region.

Residents gathered at firing squad in Hagar village to witness the execution as Al-shabab did normaly when it executing suspects.

The names of the five men whom were executed on yesterday noon are;

  • Osman Abdulle Abdullahe aka Buulle, aged 59 years, executed for his working with US Security company named Bancraft.
  • Abdkarim Mumin Ahmed aged 48 years, accused working with Danab or lightning brigade forces trained by US and Somalia’s NISA Agency.
  • Hassan Barre Ishaaq aka Jiirow Barrow, aged 35 years, executed for working with Kenyan Government and its security agencies.
  • Omar Hassan Ahmed aka uke, aged 33 years, accused working with US CIA Agency.
  • And Ahmed Abdullahi Warsame aged 24 years accused for spying US CIA

Al-shabab had executed more suspects over foreign spying allegations in South Central Somalia.

No one can’t confirm the allegations of Alshabab Terror Organization.

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