Senator Abdirahman Farole Accuse Speaker Jawari And Minister Hosh Of Interference


Senator Abdirahman Sheikh Mohamud Farole has accused the speaker of the Somali federal parliament Mr Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari and Minister for Constitutional Affairs Mr Abdirahman Hosh Jibril, saying that the two are interfering with the regional state parliaments by inviting them one by one and urged them to stop doing so.

Senator Farole also sent a call to the United Nations that the parliamentary elections held in 2016 were based on tribal lines. He said the then existing government which the President and his Prime Minister were working with have backed a corrupt method of electing members of parliament on tribal lines instead of basing the method on regional areas and added that he is unhappy with the role the UN has played in the issue.

“The UN was known for its involvement in developmental programs and it’s not proper to involve itself in such politics. I am calling upon the representative of the United Nations Secretary-General to intervene that issue and make sure that money paid by UN is put into a proper use”, said the Senator

Farole also talked about the recent clashes that happened in Sol and Mudug regions and requested the locals to stop the clashes and maintain peaceful coexistence. He added that it was unfortunate not to even President Abdiweli Gas who is in the area as the clashes are going on in his presence.

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