Air Strikes In The Lower Shabelle Region


Reports from lower Shebelle say that last night warplanes have launched air strikes in Mubarak area in Owdegle district that is controlled by members of Al-Shabab.

According to the report, the warplanes did strike a place where there was a vehicle packed with explosives at 3:00 am.

The report further says that there was a loss although the extent could not be confirmed because the area is under the control of Al-Shabab and locals cannot give out details of the story due to fear for their lives.

HornAfrik also received another report that says the warplanes which are believed to be owned by the United States of America targeted Al-Shabab militants’ camp in the said area.

In the last few months, there were series of air strikes that targeted checkpoints manned by members of Al-Shabab.

Al-Shabab is yet to issue any communication on the issue but today their alertness is expected to be experienced in the area.

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