Galmudug & ASWJ Ink A Power Sharing Deal To End Impasse


A Power sharing deal between the Galmudug administration and the Sufi Ahlu Sunnah Wa Jamaa movement has been signed following a meeting organised by Igad in Nairobi Kenya.

The two sides have agreed to include ASWJ MPs in the regional Parliament hence increasing the number of lawmakers.

In the signed agreement the capital of the Galmudug region is to be moved from Adado to Dhusamareb.

The first phase of the deal is to be finalised in the coming one week awaiting a second phase start.

The President of Galmudug regional state Ahmed Duale Gelle Haaf, President of the Sufi Ahlu Sunna Wa Jamaa Shiekh Mohamed Shakir and its Spiritual leader

Moalim Mohamud met  in the Kenya capital for an Igad facilitated talks earlier this month.

Although the talks had been facilitated  by Igad the two parties are said to have volunteered to end a long standing impasse between them.

Ahlul Sunnah Wa Jamaa holds a large chunk of Galmudug leaving the Haaf administration with Adado the capital and part of Galkaayo.

Efforts by the previous Hassan Sheikh Mohamud administration to resolve the power struggle between ASWJ and Galmudug had failed with the former head of state seen to back his Damul Jadid party comrade Abdikarim Hussein Guled the then president of the regional state.

Almost one year into his leadership the Farmaajo administration has seemingly also failed to bring the two to table.

A power sharing deal will be advantageous to Central Somalia as the two will now focus on one enemy Alshabaab.

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