70-year-old Somali undergoes successful surgery at KIMS


Hyderabad: Surgeons at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) performed a total hip replacement surgery on a 72-year-old patient from Somalia, who was bed-ridden due to a displaced hip, hospital officials in a statement on Sunday said.

The Somali patient, Abid Karim Nur was suffering from hip displacement after he sustained an injury in a fall at his home last year. Since then, Abdul Karim Nur was unable to walk and was bed-ridden, KIMS Orthopedic, Dr Uday Krishna Myneni in a statement said.

Despite being a known diabetic and undergoing chemotherapy for neck cancer, the surgeons said that they had successfully completed the surgery on Abid Karim Nur.

The patient was able to walk on the second day of the surgery and was later discharged in stable condition, doctors added.

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