President Farmaajo scolds political rivals, urges unity against Shabaab


President Mohamed Farmaajo has lashed out at his political revivals noting they were keen on destablishing his administration and distracting him from running the country.

Speaking at General Kahiye Police Academy in Mogadishu Friday evening, President Farmaajo said it was time to focus on the challenges afflicting the country instead of settling political scores. Notable, the President said, the country was in a state of war which called for unity of purpose.

Chiding those whom he said was busy fighting him, Farmaajo said barely a month into office his political rivals were already plotting how to destablise his administration.

“When my government was one month old, some people had a meeting outside the country to oppose my administration. This is a normal thing that happened before instigated by people who have a personal interest.”

Farmaajo who has variously talked of elements bent on causing ripples in his administration said he resisted calls to wage political fights against former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamed.

“I am sharing with you tonight a secret matter. What you see now is what existed four years ago. When the government before me was only six months old, they phoned me to join them in opposing the administration which some of them are still involved in this matter now. I advised them to give the then government a chance…some years and do not cripple it”.

The president called for unity as the government launches a joint offensive with Amisom on Al-Shabaab. We must all be involved in this war, the president said noting the war had lasted for over ten years because it was only fought by the government while the rest of the society was not involved. “We have one enemy and we must be united against it. We do not have a neighboring country which is an enemy to us.”

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