Ex Alshabab Leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweis Says He Is Ready To Join Farmaajo Gov If He Adopts Shariah


In a 40 minutes video of what maybe analysed as a  passionate appeal to Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo former Hisbul Islam and Alshabaab leader Sheikh Aweys goes through what he feels is ailing the country and offers what he believes is the panacea.

He starts with a special prayer for the President at the beginning of the video saying that is the best prayer he could offer as an Islamic cleric to the leader of the country.

The video clip whose length was 40 minutes which was recorded by former Alitixa Al islam Head, one of the Founder of Islamic courts Union, Head of xisbul Islam Sh Hassan  Dahir Aeys,In this video he sends a message to Somalia President Mohamed abdullahi Farmajo.

“May God Guide you. And may God guide the people to you” Aweys prayed.

“You have two dangers facing you one foreign and other enemy within ready to fight you from inside .You are  required to come with a  political strategy to ensure you and the country triumphs over the two enemies” he said.

“I have listen to you many times saying that Somali people are honest people who are patriotic and loyal but colonisation and bad regimes that followed colonials who lost them their has brought the long suffering and confusion they are facing today” Aweys said.

“The reasons why Farmajoo won was because of two things. The good work he did when he was the Prime Minister and the wrong way he was ousted from the Premiership”

He says that the two reasons will not help him now and he needs to be careful who is sorrounds his administration.

“Brother the people that surround you or will surround you are people who want something. the important people do not want anything from you. They are in the country and work with them directly” he advised.

“These  people do not want to stand in the doors of the powerful or wealth they do not want from you” he said.

On Alshabaab and Somaliland Aweys said;

“I want to give you two things which I listened to you saying many times.one is Somaliland and the other Alshabab” he poses.

“I listen to you speak about our brothers Somaliland and we called them northern truly I felt happy how you spoke of them and I pray for you. I know that the biggest mistake happened in 1960 when the treaty of two regions was to share the north and south. It should not have been that way  parts were made like IRIR AND HAWIYEADEN CADE, ABDIRISHID,CIGAAL) and the President was Irir. The mistake that happened that day we pay todate” he said.

“But what I oppose is Al Shabaab does not want governance. Yes they want but the strategies are wrong and their administration  is wrong. Example public servants are killed there  is no place in religion for that. The world every government is at  war like George Washington and Malcom X in addition an imam wants presidency another example are people from Central Somalia the  Ahlu Sunnah Ea Jamaa” he said.

On the ousted Mohamed Siyad Bare.

“No one doubts if Mohamed siyad barre was a patriot. And he applauds his bravery. me I applaud HIM.A good example was how he dealt with the famine of 1974.I remember when he was outside the country he said he wont accept a Somali to die of hunger and we know what he did the problem is he forgot about the religion .I remember we debate for 4 hours if there is God or not” he said.

“I started in 1968  to make this country to be rule Islamic and the people to serve  and die for the religion of Allah One day came Ali Samatar and I said to him if we can die, if we gave our wealth. If that is so we agreed that we will die for the religion if we were to die” he recollected.

“This country is placed in the wrong car Farmajo I urge you this car which came from Kismaayo going to galkacyo  return it backwards and use Islamic governance said earlier that I will climb at the back of that car. I do not want  a government which is not religious .I pray to God  to guide you and protect  you from the two enemies you are facing” he concluded.

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