He says what to whom and with what effect!
The Somali federal government is slowly progressing into socio-economic and politically well-
built after implementing successful programs with effective structural approach and steps to
fight against any form of corruption and insecurity since it is elected, Ahmed Madobe, the Juba
Regional President who did not show a sense of solidarity when it all mattered for Somali

society as one of the worst lethal terrorist acts anywhere in the world for many years killed
scores in the capital, was unable to hide his jealousy of Banadir region’s fast growing
development and came up with disgusting words to criticize the leaders in general and
Mogadisu inhabitants in particular who can never forget that deadly incident on 14 October.

Ahmed Madobe opted to speak sarcastically about how Mogadishu united where he started to
condemn the humanitarian symbol of unity and togetherness by the people and the leaders
which he swerved into other judgments of religious wrong doing and western exercise that
irked the anger of Banadir residents and divided opinions around social media about what has
gone wrong with him in front of the politicians.

It was a weakening low to him that he could not restrain his resentment when he articulated
the national mourning and the plea to consolidate is practice that has something to do with the
Somali culture and religion to cast a doubt or preoccupy into the minds of people who have not
yet recovered.

The impact of the business activity is increasing whereby no go area has now day and night
flights, companies, employment agencies, commercial airlines and resurgent private sector
notably in the service industry which has made an attractive destination in east Africa.
If improvement in security continues the economic stability will grow even more while the
origins of the city are returning unanimously to rebuild Mogadishu whereas you can see eye
catching office buildings, residential apartments, busy markets and university students as
common as any world city.

Writing by  Stephen Houreld,

HornAfrik English Editor

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