Must Read: Classified Documents Show Shabab’s Kill list and the number of victims already assassinated


Classified documents obtained from Shabab stronghold in Lower Shabelle region,  where senior Shabab commander Ali Jabal, was killed in a coordinated air strike, reveal the number of people already assassinated by the Shabab and those currently on the kill list.  The document also shows that some of the families of the people in the list were also in the kill list an indication which shows the group’s cruelty.

In the document, there are names of senior government officials and journalists, tsome of the names became hard to recognize because of the documents were writen long time ago and were affected by the airstrike, as the documents were in the area where the Shabab commander was killed. The people in the list  who have already been killed, were marked with  signs that show they were killed and where the people wounded in the assassinations were marked with  tick sign.  

Some of the names of the people on the list show they voluntarily died but their families are subject to be singled out. The leaked document which was obtained by HornAfrik, will submit the names of the list to its readers and will present full document at the end of the story.

List of Officers

Gen Maxamad Cabdi Maxamad

Gen Yuusuf Axmad Sareenle

Col Maxamuud Cabdinuur Bataar

Col Amiin Siid Axmad

Dhamme Maxamad Aadan

Col C/laahi Maxamad Warsame Neero

Col Ismaaciil Xaaji Cismaan

Col Axmad Ugaas Foodeey

Col Xirsi Maxamuud Cumar-Xirsi Dhoore

Col Maxamad Cismaan Coon

Gen Axmad Jilacoow Cadoow

Col Maxamad Maxamuud Raage Coon

Col Abuukar Maxamad Xuseen-Abukar Dheere.

List of Journalists

Daahir Cabdulle Calasow

Axmad Cabdisalaan Aadan

Mahad Axmad Cilmi

C/xakiin Cumar Jimcaale

Bashiir Nuur Geedi

Falastiin Axmad Xaaji

Farxiyo Cali Qaajo

C/casiis Maxamuud Guuleed

Cismaan Xasan Wehliye-Xasan Bariise.

Siciid Tahliil Axmad

Axmad Cumar Xaashi-Axmad Taajir.

Cali Muuse Cabdi

Maxamad Muxyidiin Cali

Cabaas Nuur Galayr

Cilmi Cismaan Faarax Boodhari

Aways Maxamad Nuur Foodeey

Maryan Maxamuud Qalanjo

C/casiis Dhoore

Axmad Yare

Muxyadiin Xusni

Yaxye Cali Faarax

Yuusuf Fareey

Maxamad Abuukar

Muna Cumar

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