President Farmajo Calls Somaliland to Maintain Union Amid Calls for Talks Resumption


President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo last night renewed calls for union with Somaliland which declared to have broken away from the rest of Somalia following the state collapse in 1992.

Addressing the nation at the 26th June Independence Day, the day the northern regions (now Somaliland) gained independence from the British colonial authorities, President Farmajo noted how vital the union is for the whole Somalis as a nation.
“On June 26th, 1960, Hargeisa was the first place in Somalia where Somali Flag was raised. I want to tell all those who did not witness or did not know.” the President said.
The highly organized event in Mogadishu attracted government ministers, Members of the Parliament, officials and veterans of the Independence Day struggle.
He cautioned those who capitalize the bad part of the history by ignoring to mention the good part Somalia has had.
“Our struggle to independence had two things; bad and good. The good thing is that we gained our independence but also there is also failure as we experienced displacement and destruction resulted by the civil war.” the President said.
President then appealed directly to the people in Somaliland.
“I call my brothers and sisters in Somaliland that its our collective responsibility to regain our nationhood and union.” he said.
President highlighted how his election victory in February brought back the momentum of hopes and expectations within the ordinary Somalis, as he promised to keep that momentum high.
“That was a huge expectation based on peace and livelihood.” he said.
The President’s call comes as talks between the Federal Government of Somalia and Somaliland stalled in the past year due to the elections in Somalia. Last week leaders in Somaliland called for resumption the talks arbitrated by Turkey.
Somaliland, while insisting its self-declared independence, says it wants the talks to bring at least a satisfactory power sharing deal based on two Somali regions; the north and the south, an option Mogadishu does not see as logic.

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