Somali Military Court Concludes Hearing Case on Death of Former Minister


Somali military tribunal concludes hearing on the shooting death Public Works Minister Abbas Siraji, as the court mentioned that verdict expected at later date.

The two men accused of killing late Public Works Minister are Identified as Ahmed Abdi Aydid (army) and Osman Salad Barre (from custodial corps).
Ahmed Abdi Aydid is alleged to have fired the bullet that killed Minister Abbas Siraji; Osman Salad Barre is accused of dereliction of duty.
Late Minister Siraji was the youngest Minister in the Somali Cabinet who rose to limelight when at 31, and ex-refugee at Dadaab camp in Kenya, trounced a minister to be elected into parliament was killed on the 3rd of May this year.
He was shot dead near Villa Somalia by government soldiers guarding the Auditor General on May 3.

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